As a prospective client of GoSiteWave, you probably want to know "what can it do". To answer most of those questions see the complete list of features and take the tour. Listed below are answers to a few of the most popular questions you might have.

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Our Online Business Wiki has been built to educate you in depth on every feature you'll find in GoSiteWave. If you are an existing client, you will find the Wiki to be your website bible. If you are a prospective client, take a look at the wiki to get a feel for how things work in GoSiteWave. This is an invaluable tool brought to you by Site Wave, Inc.

1. What is exactly is GoSiteWave?

GoSiteWave is the all-in-one product by Site Wave, Inc. that makes life easier and business more profitable. We're replacing 10+ tools that are essential for internet businesses with one - that's why life is easier. No more moving data between a handful of separate solutions. No more remembering 10 log ins for different products. No more wrestling with code and techie stuff. At a basic level GoSiteWave is web hosting for your business website. But to go with that you get website management tools, email marketing, eCommerce and an integrated customer database.

2. How is GoSiteWave like web hosting?

It's very similar actually - some people call GoSiteWave a "next generation" hosting solution because of all the built in goodies that it comes with. You'll have an FTP account to upload web pages, CSS, flash, javascript and images. It's also true to say that anything you can do with a regular web hosting company, you can do with us.

3. Can i use my own web address?

You can use your own web address, also called a URL or domain name. You can either redelegate your domain and use our DNS servers. Or you can create an A-Record in your existing DNS service to point your domain to your new site at GoSiteWave - it's up to you. If this sounds like Japanese to you, don't worry, we'll help you through every step of the process.

4. Can i use FTP to manage my website?

Yes you get access to FTP to speed up managing your GoSiteWave website.

5. Is there a limit to the size of my customer database?

No, there isn't :)

6. I don't want to use one of the pre-made business templates, will Site Wave Inc. design me a custom website?

Of course we will :) Site Wave, Inc. has been building websites since 1997. Visit our corporate website and contact us to talk about your options.

7. Can i host GoSiteWave with XYZ Company?

GoSiteWave is an All-in-One solution that includes email and hosting. We have chosen this distribution model because it makes delivering new system updates and features super simple. With GoSiteWave you never have to pay for the latest version in a constant upgrade path. The features just keep coming with zero headaches.

8. I'm really excited about all of the features and possibilities of GoSiteWave, but i still do not have the time to learn the system, even one that is meant to be so easy. Can i have Site Wave, Inc. design and integrate my site with GoSiteWave and just focus on the simple things like reading emails, responding to leads, making blog posts, selling products, etc?

YES! Site Wave, Inc. is a full service website company and we understand that eventhough GoSiteWave is meant to be simple enough for a non-programmer to use, that a small business owner still might be too busy with their own business functions to have the time to build their own website around this solution. Contact Site Wave, Inc. to discuss a solution that is right for you. We can design you a site from scratch, integrate all of the most powerful features of GoSiteWave for you, and even perform content updates, site tweaks, and other ongoing functions, all for a set monthly fee! This is truly the COMPLETE ONLINE BUSINESS SOLUTION!